Welcome to Cards Against Humanity Downloads!

I recently had a copy of Cards Against Humanity printed at Staples, and I wanted to share my success.

I had the cards printed on 110lb cardstock, and cut down to business card size, on their machines.

I was able to get them printed for $18.66 after tax.


I wanted to buy Cards Against humanity, but it is sold out on Amazon, and sellers are charging $250.00 for it!

So I figured, the instructions have a set of cards I can print at Staples, I wonder if anyone's made something where the cards are bigger.

While searching, I came across the link to the nanDECK template for Cards against humanity.

This was nice, but originally, I thought: "Maybe I will send these to a custom playing card printer", so I took the template they had, and made it match the online playing card template.

After realizing what a mess the online cards would be, for 700 cards, I started looking into Staples again.

I came across the "Business cards against humanity" link, and thought, this could work...

My issue was that I did not want to have the front of the black cards printed in black ink, but leave the back the white of the paper from Staples

I searched on google for the model of card cutter listed on the business card link, and found the dimension that it cuts at.

After that, I was able to alter the nanDECK template, to fit in the business card format!


nanDECK and its Manual

Cards Against Humanity Template, Images, and CSV files for nanDECK ( Requires Registration )

'Business Cards Against Humanity': A PDF Formatted specifically for Staples' business card cutting machine.

My Contributions,


  1. Download nanDECK, and optionally the manual; The program is just 1 exe file.
  2. Download the Template, Images, and CSV files that I started with. This currently requires registration.
  3. Download one of my templates.
  4. Put nanDECK.exe, the Template files, and all the CSV files in the same directory.
  5. Run nanDECK, and open the template that you want to use nanDECK calls these template files a "Deck".
  6. Notice the entries in the form of: link="...csv" The apostrophe comments out the CSV files, and you can operate on 1 at a time.
  7. Select the CSV you want to build, by removing the apostrophe from in front of it, and putting an apostrophe in front of all the other link entries.
    • You could merge all of the CSV files together, and change the template to have the 1 only, if you want
  8. Hit 'Validate Deck'; This will check the syntax of the template and show you how many cards were in the CSV ( in the bottom right ).
  9. Hit 'Build Deck'; This will apply the template to all of the entries in the CSV, and show you what the card looks like on the right.
    • For Staples Business card cutter
      • Hit 'PDF'; This will generate a PDF document that you can take to Staples on a thumb drive.
      • I called my local staples, and asked if the guy working there had heard of this game before.
      • He had, so I told him that someone online had made a version of the printer sheet to work with the Business card cutting machine
        and I wanted to know: If I came to have it printed on cardstock, would he cut it on the machine for me?
      • He asked me to e-mail him a copy at the Staples address, and he would test it for me. He ran it through, and it cut correctly!
      • So I drove up there with the PDF on my thumb drive, and asked to have pages 1-54 printed on white
        and the rest of the pages printed on a blue or red. He only had blue, so that's what I went with.
    • For printerstudio.com custom playing cards.
      • Hit 'Save Images'; This will generate individual images that you can upload to the printer.
      • The 'Path' that shows up is a file prefix, if you put in "C:\Cards\" it will make cards names like "C:\Cards\_100.jpg".